Zori Sale

Newly Invented
High-Tech Zori

Fusing Together Culture and Comfort Technology

The Zori are Japanese Sandals usually worn with traditional Japanese
attire like the kimono and yukata. They are very stylish but often the most
uncomfortable part when donning traditional Japanese clothing.
The new Zori we offer are designed by ASICS Trading Co., Ltd. to maximize comfort.

“Deodorant / Antibacterial” Fiber for odors such as sweat 

Deodorant fiber “MOFF®” handled by ASICS Corporation 

“Deodorant fiber” is used for the insoles of sandals while pursuing comfort. You can experience better comfort casually, smartly, and simply.

5 Functionalities

Sponge Insole
Cushion designed to wrap your feet
Uses Teijin Cordre artificial Leather

Very Flexible, Designed to maximize comfortability when walking

E.V.A. (Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate) Sole

Keeps the original shape and lightweight
Huge Emphasis on functionality

High Quality, Made in Japan
Each pair carefully created by Craftsmen
Crafted to focus on comfort
(The Sandal Strap is Kimono-inspired, Woven and Pure Silk)

Synthetic Rubber is used for the heel to combat slippage when wet.