Service Flow

Service Flow

Step 1.  Receiving Kimono~Payment

Step 2.  Packing~Shipping

After payment is confirmed, your kimono will be shipped from MITA SKY office to Kimono Totonoe warehouse.

Step 3.  Professional Diagnosis

Each Kimono is checked by a professional. Based on that diagnosis, we will provide a chart for each kimono indicating where corrections are necessary. We will also recommend correction methods that suits each kimono based on customer’s request.

Additional Services:Contact us for Additional Services→Confirm Payment→Whole Wash+Additional Services
No Additional Services:Contact us for no Additional Services→Whole Wash

Step 4.  Return

After the service is completed, the kimono will be packed and sent back to the MITA SKY office in a special packaging.

The Kimono will be packaged in either paper with or without strings. This is based on the customer’s selection in the request form.

Step 4.  Delivery back to Customer

We will contact you once the Kimono is delivered to the MITA SKY office.

・MITA SKY Office Pick-up

・Delivery Service (Additional Charge)

・Through Mail (Additional Charge)

*If you have had 4 or more Kimonos go through this service, we can directly send them to your desired address(No Additional Charges)