Service Flow

Service Flow

Step 1.  Receiving Kimono~Payment

Step 2.  Packing~Shipping

After payment is confirmed, your kimono will be shipped from MITA SKY office to Kimono Totonoe Kobo.

Step 3.  Professional Diagnosis

Each Kimono is checked by a professional. Based on that diagnosis, we will provide a chart for each kimono indicating where corrections are necessary. We will also recommend correction methods that suits each kimono based on customer’s request.

Additional Services:Contact us for Additional Services→Confirm Payment→Whole Wash+Additional Services
No Additional Services:Contact us for no Additional Services→Whole Wash

Step 4.  Return~Delivery

We will have it delivered to desired destination or office in Tatou Paper (with or without string chosen from request form)

【 Plan1】Delivered to MITA SKY Office ready for pick up. Delivery to desired address requires additional charge.

【Plan 2】Delivered to desired address in the United States. (Must have 3 or more)

【 Plan3】Delivered to desired address in Japan. (Must have 2 or more)