Our Story Eng.

Inheriting Tradition and Connecting Memories

When I was a little girl, on a visit to my grandparents’ house, I found my grandparents’ wedding portrait. Even though the photo was in black and white, I could tell how beautiful my grandmother’s kimono was. I told her, “I want to wear this kimono when I get married.”


Twenty years later when I announced my engagement to my family, my grandmother whispered to me, “I remember you telling me that you wanted to wear my kimono for your wedding.”

I thank my grandmother for remembering this little girl’s wish for 20 years. The kimono, unworn for sixty years, was now part of my wedding photograph.

What a precious moment to wear my grandmother’s wedding kimono! Not only was the kimono beautiful, but so was wearing the memories associated with it.

Even since then, I have been fascinated by the elegance of kimonos, the craftsmanship that means they do not become worn-out or dull after decades.

Kimonos in the United States can also be maintained for decades if handled carefully. However, there is no way to clean kimonos in the US. A dry cleaner in the US cannot treat a kimono properly.

I frequently wear a kimono for tea ceremony practice. When I need to clean kimonos, I have to bring them to Japan for kimono cleaning. As much as I enjoy wearing kimonos, the maintaining them is a hassle and inconvenient.

I am very pleased to be able to provide kimono cleaning and kimono alteration service. MITASKY has partnered with Japan’s famous “Kimono totonoe,” a kimono specialty dry cleaner to provide a kimono cleaning service in Los Angeles. “Kimono totonoe” treats 60,000 kimonos a year. Before there was no quick and easy way to ship kimono items back and forth from Japan for service, but MITASKY makes this possible.

MITASKY also will offer the resale of gently pre-owned kimonos. Many family heirloom kimonos in Japan are being passed down through the pre-owned market. This will be an excellent opportunity for Americans who are interest in acquiring a finely crafted kimono.

MITASKY also sells yukata (casual summer kimono) that you can enjoy. Popular among young people for its ease, comfort and fashion, we hope that Japanese yukata will be worn with pride at events and festivals in the United States.

河井沙也 Saya Kawai Tsong

Chief Executive Officer

MITA SKY (きものTotonoe Los Angeles)