Mail In

Mail In Application

MITA SKY Office Mail In Method

Step. 1 Contact

Before sending over your kimono through the mail, please contact us that you are doing so through one of the three ways below.

Step. 2 Preparation for Delivery

 (1)Fill out request form
    Please specify through the request forms any stains you would like to correct.

  *Please pack your kimono in a plastic bag

Kimono+Request Form in a Ziploc bag or in a plastic bag
Example:USPS Flat Rate Box

How we recommend in the box

Step. 3 Sending through Mail

Please use only a mailing method such as USPS (Flat rate box), FedEx, UPS that has a tracking number please.
We would like to prevent any type of loss through the mail, so please only use a mailing method with a tracking number.

Step. 4 Tracking Number

  Please let us know your tracking number.

Example through LINE

Step. 5 After Kimono is Received

   MITA SKY Staff will notify you and send a receipt.
   MITA Staff will perform a simple inspection and take photographs of sent kimono.

Step. 6 Payment

We will send a link through email for payment for your desired service fees and round trip shipping between Japan and the United States.
After payment is confirmed, we will immediately send the kimono to Japan.
Payment Method:Credit Card、Debit Card、Paypal