Kimono Cleaning

Our Services Include

Reliable and Proper Delivery
MITA SKY Office ⇋ totonoe Kobo
We offer door to door tracking.
We also understand the importance
of exclusive drivers to carefully deliver
your Kimono to its desired location.

Easy Process
We provide everything you need to
deliver your Kimono. All you need
to do is bring your Kimono and
fill out the request form.

Peace of Mind Experienced Service
The cleaning service we have
partnered with handle more than
60,000 Kimonos a year. They diligently
handle difficult stain removal,
corrections, re-dyeing and much more.

Japanese Quality Near You
Have you ever went through the
inconvenience of bringing your
kimono overseas? We want to provide
a Japanese Quality Service in America.
No need to bring your suitcase full of kimono.

Examples of our Service

Mold Removal(Before)

Yellowing Removal(Before)
Stain Removal(Before)
Carefully correct coloring of small parts with brush
Carefully correct coloring of surface with air brush