Service Flow (ENG)

Kimono Cleaning Service

How the Service Works

Bring in your Kimono and we will have the boxes and application ready for you.

✽Before making the drop off, please check the condition of Kimono at home so we can easily specify where attention is needed.
Please make a phone reservation before drop off. We do not accept kimonos without a phone reservation.

Toll Free Number 1-866-KIMONO8 

Step 1. DROP OFF  

Please bring your Kimono to the MITA SKY office.

• The staff will take pictures of the Kimono.
• Please let our staff know what area needs special attention.
• We will have you fill out a form to specify which cleaning services you desire.
• We will carefully pack it with our boxes. (Boxes and storage bags are available free of charge)
• Payments can be made through cash, check, debit card, or credit card.


Your Kimono will be responsibly sent to the Totonoe Studio.

• It usually take 3~5 days to ship it to Totonoe Studio.


Providing Updates and Support through E-mail.

• After taking pictures of all the kimonos that arrive at Totonoe Studio, we will check the results with a professional and create a diagnostic chart for each kimono.
• The diagnostic chart shows frayed stains, discolored areas, the condition of the kimono, and suggestions for additional services.
• If you would like additional services, we will send you a payment link, so please check the details before making a payment. We will start the service immediately after payment is confirmed.

Step 4. Delivery

We will notify you when your kimono arrives at the MITA SKY office.

• Each box (3 sheets) can be returned to the desired address.
• It takes about 2 months from carry-on to delivery. If there are stains, the rime frame will
  change, so we will consult with you individually, but please leave it with plenty of time.
• If you are in a hurry, we can handle it (additional charge will be applied)